• Never sleep on Wet Hair!

Though this should be common knowledge to anybody that had ever had extensions but this is a tip that we cannot stress more. Always air dry your hair extensions. If not enough time allows, thoroughly and we mean thoroughly dry your extensions. Sleeping on wet hair extensions will not only weaken and damage your extensions but will result in breakage or tangling of them.

  • It is best not to use a brush but if you absolutely need to brush your extensions, use a wide tooth comb or your fingers instead.

Why use a wide tooth comb? With finer and regular brushes, the bristles on the brush are tightly packed together. Brushing with them will lead to the loosening of the extensions in the weft area resulting in shedding. By using a wide tooth comb, one can help maintain the style and quality of the extension without placing unnecessary stress on the weft area. In case your hair extensions have matted or tangled, We also recommend using your fingers to gently go through the hair in a downward motion gently releasing each follicle to prevent further matting.

  • Do not perm, color, tint or use any other chemicals.

Hair extensions companies have already treated the hair extension to match your basic color and additional treatment will lead to weakening and/or breakage. Additional processing of hair extensions cause a tremendous amount of stress. Treat the hair extensions as if they were your own hair. If you perm, color, tint, or use any chemicals on your real hair too frequently it will result in hair loss. The same principle applies to hair extensions. Also, Heat is always an enemy of hair. By treating your extensions to such conditions will once again lead to weakening of the cuticles and eventual breakage

  • Before going to bed, gently wrap a dry towel around your head to prevent tangling. (For Braiding and Weaving).

The theory behind this tip is so that the hair is held in the same position. It will keep you from having bad hair days and help prevent using more heat to put them back into the style you want. Also, it will keep them from stretching or breaking incase you slept on them.

  • If you are going to be exercising with your extensions, always tie up the extensions.

By tying up your extensions, this will cause your extensions to remain in a tangle free position. In addition, after exercising, remember to properly rinse and condition the hair. Salt build up from sweat will result in stripping of the hair follicles.

5 Tips for Proper Hair Extension Maintenance

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