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*Procedure can be used for human hair or synthetic fiber hair.
*Extensions last from 6-8 months
*Product used to attach extensions, keratin wax, is similar to the molecular structure of hair

100% human Asian and Indian hair is used for fill-in extensions and hairstrips. Hair is sorted so all cuticle are going in one direction. The hair is then treated with special enzymes and can be colored and permed like your own hair.

Fill-in extensions-strand by strand: Hair needs to be at least 4-in. Natural hair is sectioned off in a horizontal line across the back of the head. A small V section about the same size as the strand of hair extensions hair is made.

A protector disc is placed around the V sectioned hair and with a wax cradle (it looks like a small curved fingernail) is placed under the clients’ hair. A heated plug and play connector gun has a cradle that is heated and is brought under the wax bond and melts the wax until just bubbling.
The bond is then rolled into a small bond about the size of a grain of rice. This is placed approximately 1/2 inch from the scalp so it has room to swing and lay flat.

Variations of this method, i.e. loose chains, spotting, micro bonds, are used to create unique looks tailored to specific needs of the client. This procedure can take 2- 1/2 hours for a full head of extensions.

Fill-in hairstrips: The patented hairstrip is attached with 5 locking holes that the hair is pulled through. It is then bonded with the same wax. It floats between the scalp and the bond site. It takes only about 5 minutes to install and can be reused guaranteed for a year.

Costs: A full head of extensions will cost between $500-1000 and up.
Maintenance: Use recommended hair care products–Cleanser, Hair Repair, Aquilizer. Products that contain alcohol or silicone will dissolve the wax. Perming and coloring are OK as long as the products are kept off the wax bonds.

Flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers are also OK.
Other care tips include holding the extension when you brush, tying them up when you sleep and not picking at them.

Anyone going through stress or loosing hair is not recommended to get extensions

Balmain Hair Extensions Information

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