Welcome to Patricias Celebrity Hair Extensions Salon, Your destination to get the wonderful Beyonce kind of hair extensions. 

Whether you are looking to go for a celebrity kind of hair extensions say, Beyonce Hair Extensions or just want to add some highlights, volume and texture.


Patricia and her team of dedicated extensions specialists provide professional celebrity hair extensions like Beyonce, Jessica, Kate Middleton, and Selena Gomez. Her team of specialists is one of the biggest in New York and unlike many of the hairdressing salons that offer hair extensions; Patricias Hair Extensions Salons have dedicated specialists Beyonce Hair Extensions and aftercare of professionally applied hair extensions.


We are a full service hair extensions salon mean to say everything related to hair. We have 17 years of experience in the field of hair industry and performed more than 8000 hair extensions, and are known as the premier hair extensions salon in New York.

Beyonce Hair Extensions

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