Lets hit the bottle of bleach hard and turn our locks of hair into that beautiful shade of all shades, the ethereal platinum blonde.

Of course you can do this at home with powdered bleach but to be safe I recommend seeing your stylist. If you just have to take matters into your own hands and do it yourself at home then here are some suggestions to achieve that perfect color:

  1. Use a 20% developer over two or three different sessions. 30% and 40% developer will lift the color more rapidly but will also do much more damage to your hair.
  2. Do not bleach your hair more than once a day. If you try to take your hair from dark to pale blonde in one day you will totally fry it. It is best to keep it to once a week or leave it even longer between sessions (if you can bare it) as your hair needs time to recover. This is the hardest part because depending on how dark your hair is you will go through various color stages and not many of them are very nice. Bright orange or fluro yellow hair anyone??
  3. Make sure you add deep conditioning treatments to your hair regularly to add protein back into your hair. Also use a leave in protein conditioner. Basically the more protein you can add back, the better your hair will feel. After beating your hair up with bleach it is now time to be very very nice to it.
  4. Get rid of brassiness by using a toner. The toner will be purple based to counteract the yellow color. For platinum hair use a silver toner. I think that toner brands are a highly personal thing. Everyone has their own which they love – play around until you find the one that suits you best.
  5. Use a purple based shampoo designed for maintaining blonde hair about once a week. Keep heat based styling appliances like your straightener and blow dryer to a minimum (not that possible in the real world, I know) and always apply a heat protecting product before hand.

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Bleaching Hair Platinum Blonde

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