Hair extensions are strips of hair that are attached to natural hair with clips to make a different hairstyle and to enhance the hair look. Taking care of your hair and caring for hair extensions are different things. Hair extension helps you make your thin hair look thick, flat hair look full and short hair and long. I am sure you would like to know the secret behind this technique. Hair extension helps you wear different hairstyles.

How To Apply Hair Extensions

  • Pick on a hair extension matching to your hair.
  • Also decide upon the color and pattern of your hair extension.
  • For braiding in hair extension, you can braid your hair with hair extension in a tree braid, braid weave, French braid etc.
  • Use a soft bristle hairbrush and brush your hair and gently work your hair up.
  • When you have attached hair extension, tie your hair gently before sleeping.
  • Never sleep with wet hair.
  • To prevent tangles in your hair run your fingers in between the hair extension.
  • Do not spray or use any silicon-based products on hair extension, as they cause slipping of braids.
  • Do not use hair extension of length more than twice your hair
  • Do not apply hair extension below the hair scalp.

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