Women always seek to have more control over their tresses. That is why wigs have always been a popular mainstay throughout history. However, over the years new ways of styling hair have been created through hairpieces and hair extensions. Human hair extensions, once affordable only to the most wealthy, are now available to almost any budget. The easiest kind to do yourself is the type simply clips into the hair. They can be applied and removed easily by even the most novice among women.


  • Purchase the type of clip-in human hair extension desired. There are multiple brands on the market as well as many different types. Popular human hair extensions brands include Hair Do by Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Raquel Welch, EasiXtend and others. Types of hair extensions vary from brand to brand. Among the most popular are the following. Topper extensions fit at the crown of the head and are meant to provide more height and lift. Side insert extensions are typically narrow (about 2 to 4 inches in width) and meant to fill in thinning spots. Full spectrum inserts fit around the head from side to side and are typically meant to add volume and length.
  • Take the extensions to be cut and colored to match your hair or do the job yourself. Some of these come in a limited number of colors, but human hair extensions can be dyed to match your hair or used to add highlights or lowlights.
  • Wash your hair with a shampoo that will not leave a film or residue behind. Excess oils and residue will keep extension glue and tape from holding properly. Make certain your hair is dry before applying the extensions.
  • Section off the part of the head where the extension is to be placed. For example, for a topper, section on the top one or two layers at the crown. If more than one layer of extensions will be applied, start at the bottom layer and work up toward the crown of the hair. Clip your natural hair upward and out of the way while the extension is being applied. Be sure to allow enough of your own hair in the sectioned off piece to cover the extension once it is in place.
  • Apply the hair adhesive to the extension piece according to the adhesive’s instructions. Press the extension into place carefully. Let it set for the appropriate amount of time (according to the instructions) and then check to make certain the extension will hold. For clip-in extensions, open the clip and insert it into the hair, being careful not to pull or break any hair. Close the clip into place and make certain it is secure.
  • Unclip your natural hair and cover the extension with it. If necessary, back comb or tease your own hair slightly in order to ensure the extension will not show through.
  • Continue clipping in the extensions following these steps until all of them have been appropriately applied. Remember to work from the nape of the neck to the crown and sides of the head.
  • Style the hair as desired.
How to Apply Human Hair Extensions

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