Temporary, glue-in hair extensions are a relatively easy way to experience longer, thicker hair. They will last up to six weeks with proper care and maintenance and can be replaced easily. Change your look as often as you like with hair extensions that can be applied with bonding glue.

Temporary Hair Extensions

  • Clip all of your hair high on your head. Starting about one inch above the nape, use the pick to make a straight, horizontal line in hair from one end to the other.
  • From one end of the extension track, measure the amount of hair needed to cross the back of the scalp. Cut a piece of the track a little smaller than this length, as you do not want ends of extensions flipping up beyond your natural hair.
  • Make a line of bonding glue along the weft of the piece of extension hair you have just cut. Wait 30 seconds before applying so that glue will not drip.
  • Press and hold track with glue at the base of your natural hair that you have horizontally parted. Be sure to press along every part of the track to avoid air bubbles or loose spots. Try to avoid getting bonding glue on other parts of the hair, as this causes sticky tangles and may have to be cut out.
How to Apply Temporary Hair Extensions

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