Hair extensions are artificial fibers or actual human hair that is woven or braided into natural hair to enhance length, volume, and color of hair. It is great way of styling your hair. Everyday, Hair extension is becoming more fashionable. Dream of long, thick and beautiful hair can be completed with the help of various hair extensions. Hair extensions are very famous in women as well as men. Proper care of hair extension is very important for styling fine hairstyle. Hair Extension is the amazing choice for short hairstyles. For super short hair, hair extension is great for making long hair. Many celebrities are used short hair extension for lot of time.

Hair Extensions1

Step1:Deep conditioner is very essential for caring hair extension.

Step2:You can also moisturizing your hair extension.

Step3:During sleeping time, quietly bind your hair up.

Step4:Visit your hair dresser for caring your hair extension at least 1-2 times a week.

Step5:Avoid blow dryer and curling iron to your hair extension.

Step6:You can use of soft bristle brush for brushing hair extension.

How to care of Hair Extensions

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