Who of us doesn’t want killer hair? I would personally love to stop people in their tracks at every bob of my head because my hair is so unbelievable. But alas, hair, like most things, rarely starts gorgeous. Hairstyles take a while to perfect. A little time and a whole lot of effort goes into making that “do” sizzle. So if you are willing, I’m ready to tell you how to make it happen. Tips for hair begins now…

Hair tips

Step1:Tips for hair #1: Know your hair type. Do you have course, fine, thick or thin hair? Is it oily, dry or somewhere in between? It makes a huge difference when you try to decide on a hair type and haircut.

Step2:Tips for hair #2: Understand your hair care needs. You need to be adventurous when it comes to products. What makes your hair look brassy? What products give it shine and body? What makes it look greasy beyond belief? What makes it look like you stuck your finger in a light socket? Unfortunately, you are never going to know until you get intimately familiar with lots of hair products. Ask for advice, but beware. Everyone has different needs when it comes to hair products. And everyone has different opinions on what they will do to hair styles.

Step3:Tips for hair #3: Know your face shape. Different styles accent different face shapes. Learn your face shape and go armed with this knowledge when you visit your beautician.

Step4:Tips for hair #4: Know your skin tone and what hair color flatters it best. If you have super pale skin, a jet black may make you look super washed out as will a bleach blonde look. Research your skin color and what typically what colors play nice.

Step5:Tips for hair #5: Determine what you are going for. Sweet or sassy, long or short, modern or feminine. What exactly are you wanting your “do” to say about you. Some other things to think about: How much time you have to dedicate to your hair in the mornings? Do you want a style with built in versatility or do you want to fix without having to think?

Step6:Tips for hair #6: Talk to a professional. Tell them your ideas and ask their opinion. See what they think. You may opt to visit someone who has been in the business for a while and has a good reputation. You may decide to go to someone else to maintain, but for the initial cut, experience is key.

Step7:Tips for hair #7: Be content. Ultimately, love who you are. You were created uniquely. Relish it! By all means, change your hair color, style and length, but enjoy the unique beauty that only you possess.

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