People, who want Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge like hair, pay a visit to NYC Patricia hair extensions salon. Our hair extensions salon is a New York based salon that concentrates on celebrity hair extensions. We are the leading experts in the fields of celebrities’ hair extensions like Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.


At Patricia’s hair extensions salon, Kate Middleton kind of hair extensions are very easy to work on. Our hair specialist will help you in attain your desired hair extensions look in best rates.

Patricia’s hair extensions salon mainly focuses on human hair, Kate Middleton Hair Extensions is generally attached directly below the layers of real hair to achieve a fuller look and is attached with temporary glue or double-sided tape. Kate Middleton Hair Extensions have been put in too close to the hairline, where the hair is finer and there is less coverage, so that the strip is easier to see.


Realize when you come to us, we are the original salon for Kate Middleton hair extensions, not as other many overpriced salons, but NY, NYC Patricia hair extensions salon have vast range of types, and we are expertise in Kate Middleton type hair style.

To get Kate Middleton type hair, our hair specialists will have unique hair styling method

Kate Middleton Hair Extensions

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