Kim Kardashian is as famous for her exquisite and elegant hair color. Normally, Kim Kardashian hair color is black but she opt for blonde hair color in summer 2011. What people might think? Do they like her in black or blonde.

Kim Kardashian hair color method is also time consuming and should only be considered if wanting long term long locks. Kim Kardashian hair color is used every day, or every other day. Kim Kardashian hair color can be changed out to have a wonderful hairstyle during the day, and then added to have a contrast style when going out that night.


Patricias Hair Color Salon is a zenith among all Hair Color Salons in New York to provide celebrity kind of hair colors, mean to say Kim Kardashian Hair Color, Selene Gomez, Kate Middleton and many more.

We lie in the heart of New York focusing the Tri-state area, Astoria, Queens, NYC. We offer all hair color services that are on today’s fashion. Our luxury Patricias hair color showroom is equipped and facilitated with all advanced instruments and techniques to provide the best of Kim Kardashian Hair color. Patricias hair color salon is already world renowned for its unique Kim Kardashian hair color.

Kim Kardashian Hair Color

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