Patricia hair salon in New Yorkis best for all celebrity hair extensions. Kirsten Dunst prefers wavy hair extensions to add length and volume to the hair. The methods for wavy hair extensions are easy and harmless. The first thing is to separate your hair with a comb or by an index finger Part the hair horizontally from one side of the head to other and the rest to the below.  Clip the hair in above the parts and pin up the below hairs.

Celebrity hair extensions

All these process take only few minutes so it is time consuming. One can fit and remove this hair extensions without others help. This hair extension last for more months. Patricia hair salon helps to achieve to get your desired celebrity hair with hair extensions available with us. The experts of Patricia hair salon always deliver a fantastic outcome to their customers. They examine the clients hair type and suggest an appropriate hair extensions that suits for them.

Kirsten Dunst Hair Extensions

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