Curly hair styles create a sense of charm and youth for those who know how to wear it well. It is important to realize that not all haircuts are great for those with curly hair and straight blunt cuts will create a bulbous mushroom effect as will hair that is cut too short.

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To have your natural curly hair looking shiny, glorious and up to date it is best to wear your curly hair from medium length to long and get long layers cut into the hair. When you go to the hairstylist be weary of hairdressers that send you straight to the washing basin before observing your hair and the natural directions your curls take. The directions of your curls must be taken into consideration before being able to cut the right layers into your hair.

Naturally red hair with soft big curls look great with layers cut into the hair.


Long curly hair looks very beautiful and feminine.

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Adding layers to curly hair adds volume and shape to the hair. This look is great for an evening out on the town.

dark curly hair




Layered Hairstyles for Curly Hair

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