The Basics of Taking Care of your Hair

Following this basic guide you will see results in the improvement of your hair immediately.

Always use the right hair products for your hair type. If you are unsure of what your hair type is ask your stylist.

  1. Always wash your hair when it is dirty.
  2. Trim your hair every 6 to 8 weeks.
  3. Very hot water damages your hair, wash your hair with warm to cold water.
  4. Towel dry your hair with care.
  5. Make sure you use heat protecting products on your hair designed for use with your flat iron or hair dryer. This will greatly reduce the damage done to your hair.
  6. De-tangle and brush your hair delicately, remember that it breaks easily. Use a comb on wet hair.
  7. Use brushes made of natural bristle. They are quite expensive but it is a one off cost as they last forever and are very good for your hair.
  8. Apply an intensive hair masque once a week. Make sure it is suitable for your hair type.
  9. Let the hair dry naturally whenever possible.

Normal Hair

Normal hair has natural volume and is easy to brush as it molds easily and has elasticity. It is neither too thick nor too fine.

  • Use a ph neutral shampoo.
  • Wash your hair every 3 days or only when dirty. It is not necessary to wash it everyday.
  • Pay special attention to the ends of your hair when conditioning it.
  • Use a ph neutral shampoo.
  • Apply a deep conditioning hair masque at least once a month

Dry hair

  • Use a hyrdating shampoo especially formulated for dry hair.
  • Always apply conditioner to your hair. Use conditioners for dry hair with hydrating oils like olive oil or almond
  • Use a deep conditioning masque for dry hair at least once a week. A good idea is to keep it on for a few hours and place a shower cap or plastic wrap over it. This will help the proteins penetrate the hair.
  • Try to avoid whenever possible the sun, chlorine and saltwater.
  • Use a silicone serum at the ends of your hair to keep them smooth.
  • If you are going to use a hair dryer make sure you use the lowest setting.
  • Always brush your hair with extreme care

Oily Hair

Oily hair appears dirty very quickly. It does not keep hairstyles very easily.

  • Wash your hair frequently
  • Avoid aggressive hair products and use shampoo for oily hair.
  • Adding highlights or dying your hair will help dry it up a bit so that it appears less greasy.
  • Add astringents to your hair to help regulate the oil in your hair and give you a natural shine.
The Basics of Hair Care

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