Here are the keys to a beautiful blow dry that others will complement:

  1. Get the concentrator nossle to direct the air into a funnel instead of being so wide spread.
  2. Use the hottest and fastest setting.
  3. Choose the correct brush type: paddle or round for less or more volume respectively.
  4. Dry your hair about 70% before you even pick up the brush.
  5. Section out your hair from bottom to top instead of trying to dry all of it at the same time. (three big sections starting above the ear, then to the crown, and from the crown all the way up)
  6. Direct the air from the top of the strand, closest to your head to the ends (always).

This should get you on your way to a gorgeous blow dry. Also remember to use a heat styling protection so you don’t burn your hair and damage it with all the heat.

Tips To Blow Dry Hair
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